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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Update - August 3, 2010

FOR BONO: "Vision Over Visibility"

A Sort of Homecoming (for the 360 Tour)

This Friday, 6 August, sees the resumption of the 360 tour after almost a year's hiatus, due to Bono's back injury earlier this year. There is a lot of speculation about the changes that we will see onstage with U2 – new songs, new versions of familiar songs....and most importantly, how Bono's back will hold up under the pressure of constant touring.

As one of those who were greatly disappointed at the cancellation of the North American part of this year's 360 tour, I have mixed emotions about the return of the tour. The time away from the daily bombardment of U2 news has been very beneficial to me. It gave me time to reconnect with other forms of music that I love (like Reggae) and lead me to a love of my favorite album of this year - “Distant Relatives” by Nas and Damien Marley.

It also provided me with time to re-evaluate my personal life and the direction it should take after I lost a job in March. I went back to school for a bit of retraining and found a job within two weeks of my “graduation”. I now have the BEST job that I have had in several years!

In essence, the delay of the 360 tour gave me room in my life to “breathe” - to grow and develop who I am as a person and to take better control over my future. Hopefully, BONO WOULD BE PROUD of me....or at least I hope so.


So what does this all mean? I'm not sure. But I do think that we all have to begin to take a look at our priorities in life. Yes – U2 is the GREATEST Rock band of all time and I'm sure that they have another ten years or so left in them to perform and make magical music.

But one day it will all end – and we have to start preparing ourselves for that ending now so that when it comes, it is not overwhelming for us to deal with. I think that this attitude also helps the band members to accept the inevitable and to make the transitions in their life smoothly when the time comes.

So – WELCOME BACK, U2!! We missed you and we're glad that you're back. We'll enjoy the new songs and the new versions of familiar songs of yours that you'll perform.

But most importantly, we're simply glad to have you back with us. Let us all enjoy our time together but let us be aware that life is change and that one day we'll have to live our lives without you up onstage.

Instead of fighting the inevitable, let's all welcome the changes in front of us – and celebrate the fact that we witnessed “the last of the rock stars”. There will never be anyone quite like you, U2.


by Deborah Kreuser

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