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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Update May 8, 2011

FOR BONO: Vision Over Visibility

This is my first entry in a series of essays regarding my impressions of Spiderman TOTD (which I was fortunate enough to see in NYC on 17 April - Regina, Edge was there! I saw him!) and & of why I think the reaction to it has been so negative from those outside of the U2 community & from those INSIDE the U2 community. It's going to be a hard-hitting commentary and I'm prepared to get some flak for it. But those who speak truth are never appreciated immediately. It's only with time that the correctness of their observations are realized.

To highlight the fact that Bono has been doing side projects outside of U2 for many years (going back to the 1980's), I've picked a favorite of mine to share in this post . In 2002-2003, Bono was a major part of a remake of "Peter and the Wolf" done to benefit the Irish Hospice Foundation, the organization which took care of Bono's da, Bob, in his waning weeks of life in the Summer of 2001.

Bono's part was to try his hand at illustrating the text of the book which he pursued with relish. To help him with this project was his two daughters, Jordan & Eve, who worked with their father to make the intricate floral decoration on the pages of the book. The three of them worked as a team on this project & probably helped each other to heal emotionally from the loss of Bob Hewson.

Here is a video showing some of the work behind the scenes of "Peter and the Wolf". It's one of the most delightful videos of Bono that I've ever seen. It shows him as he is offstage - with his children & his friends. This project took almost two years to complete & may very well have been part of the reason why the U2 album HTDAAB took so long to be released.

Why the flak for Bono now over Spiderman TOTD & NOT the flak several years ago over this side project? I'll start exploring that issue in my next post.

ONLY LOVE, debbie:)

PS: WELCOME BACK 360 TOUR! We are eager to see you again in North America. Have a GREAT opening in Mexico this week!

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